Indifference Is As Bad As Injustice

Jimoh,Isiaq, Ayomide Taiwo, Peter Ofurum, Anita Akapson, Joy Ndubueze, Chinedu Meniru, Kolade Johnson, Emmanual Egbo…

These human beings lost their lives for no reason other than their outward appearances. They follow countless before them. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad Division (SARS) of the Nigerian Police has unleashed terror in Nigeria for many years. Atrocities ranging from petty bribery, rape to cold murder.

It has to stop!

It’s time for you to step up and show your solidarity and support. You need to listen. You need to learn. You need to act. We shouldn’t have to fight this battle alone. This is a movement that needs all of us. This is a movement that needs numbers. This is a movement for humanity. Being silent right now means being complicit in the murder of youths in Nigeria. If you call yourself an ally, friend, or even just a human being, recognize the power your voice has, listen, and AMPLIFY!




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