Everything Bad TV.

1. Empire

lowkey ever since I watched Acrimony I have started to judge her decision making skills. She keeps putting herself in movies that make me question not only her acting skills but her decision making skills as well.

Taking a moment to give props to Lee Daniels. He somehow gets A list actors to come on his show and disgrace themselves.

Mariam made points on how the story line is evolving and it’s nice to see. Suffice to say I did not get her point and went on further to slander the show.

Cue the bad acting.

We also spoke about someone shooting themselves because of how bad their acting is but I won’t go into that because, it’s really not that Deep. We both came to the inevitable conclusion that Empire is a really terrible show but we will still watch it because sometimes life is hard and you need something to cheer you up

2. Star

No surprise here another Lee Daniel production. Starting to think this guy is actually the problem.

Concluded that Lee Daniels has jazz and that’s how he gets all these good actors to come on his show to put their years of talent and hard-work down the drain.

3. Riverdale

A disappointment, a let down.

One star. Their attempt to make it scary is leading to the show’s downfall. We don’t know why these white people like it.

During our conversation Mariam mixed The good wife up with The Good witch and I almost lost it, so it occurred to me that, if a whole Mariam can mix these two shows up, many people can to. I am therefore going to call take five seconds to briefly distinguish the two

One of the best shows to ever grace our Tv screens
There’s no way to describe how awful this show is.

4. Patrick Melrose

Pretty sure there are far more worse shows than this but we both agreed because our friend hyped the show so much, and it was such a let down it deserved to be on our list.

Dear friend we can’t trust your tv/movie suggestions again. You know who you are.

5. Every Netflix superhero show.

This guy actually dabbed. Very sure this is the reason they cancelled the show. I rest my case.

Honourable mention



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