Everything Bad TV.

1. Empire

  1. Forrest whitaker
  2. Phylicia Rashād (Claire Huxtable) (so, so, so disappointed and surprised)
  3. Kelly Rowland (She did good. Hashtag no Kelly slander)
  4. Jenifer Hudson
  5. Chris rock (This was hilarious because he was meant to be a gangsta of some sort. This was when I knew the show was going down)
  6. Alicia freaking keys ( I have no comment on this)
Cue the bad acting.

2. Star

3. Riverdale

One of the best shows to ever grace our Tv screens
There’s no way to describe how awful this show is.

4. Patrick Melrose

P:S: We do not condone Benedict Cumberbatch slander.

Mariam: lol, this show was terrible.

5. Every Netflix superhero show.

This guy actually dabbed. Very sure this is the reason they cancelled the show. I rest my case.

Honourable mention



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